The postman is a person we all know at the post office.He goes from house and delivers the letters received by the post office.He puts the letters in the bag and carries them riding a bicycle.He is friendly with a lot of people in village.He knows most people and their addresses people are happy to see him stop at their gate in the morning.



Season are two in sri lanka.sri lanka in no season winter is very cool.dry season is very hot rain season is cool.I’m no happy under the heat,streams and wells dry up.most of them die an the way dry season farmers are very happy.

Trees are very useful.both man and the animals can not live without them.
Trees provide us food,medicine timber and shelter.Trees save us from the scorching rays of the sun.weget the most needed rain because of the trees.
Trees make the environment
beautiful.the earth has became a cool.bright and a beautiful place because of the trees.Trees stop the soil erosion.
Most of our people have not realized the value of trees.they cut down trees for their needs in a careless manner.If a tree is cut down we must grow another tree in its place.If we destroy trees,the earth would become a desert let us protect the trees.


Summer is the warmest of the four seasons.The days are longest and the night the shortest.People enjoy outdoor games in summer and wear very light cotton clothes.Sports as cricket ,volleyball,soccer are played,water skin is a summer sport.They go on picnics and to the beach.

The hobby

My hobby is collecting stamps.It gives me a great pleasure.It is a very interesting hobby.I have three albums.Stamps are in diff rent colors.I get stamps from my parents and friends.Some stamps are very valuable.Actually,this givers me a great knowledge too.one who collect stamps is called philatelist
Think everyone should have ahobby.


the snow begins to melt.New plants come out.flowers bloom.Birds who left in winter come back.Animals who went in to hibernation come out of their hiding places.It is the most beautiful season.


The milk,most of us drink is cow’s milk.Buffalo’s milk is very rich.Goat’s milk is slightly bitter.Milk is aperfeal food.It is ideal for sick and old.Butter that we eat with bread is made from the cream of milk.