In the past, there were lots of forests in our country.but today we have lost our forests.we have destroyed the forests.animal can’t live without forests.forests give us food it’s our duty to protect the forests.

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Salt is very useful.we cannot live without it.it gives flavur to food.salt and meat kept in salt will not get spoilt for few days.sea water is collected in pools to make salt.salt is found in solid and liquid forms.


A bicycle has two wheels.Everyday we see a lot of bicycle.Bicycle is a very useful vehicle.Bicycle is very popular among everyone.


Water is essential for all living beings.we need water for drinking and washing purposes.we get water from well,revers,streams and tanks.we must not waste water.Living beings and all plants need water.


we must read good books.Books and friends should be fev and good.There should be more good books.Plenty of books should be published on varilous subjects.

The Rose

The rose is very beautiful.It smells sweet.the rose has many petals.they are soft.Roses are in many colours.there are white roses in our garden .we offer roses to lord Buddha.Butterflies fly around the roses.Bees also buzz near them.we all like roses very much.

Beutiful Morning

It is very cold in the morning.birds sing in the morning.i get up early in the morning.i like morning.we go to school in the morning.sun peeps through the mountains in the morning.